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Interviewing and Interrogation Training August 20 - 21, 2019

World Class Rapport-Based Interviewing and Interrogation Skills Training from renowned experts: Laurence and Emily Alison.

Critical Incident Decision Making Training August 22, 2019

Preventing Decision Inertia and Accelerating Expertise: Critical Incident Decision Making Presented by Professor Laurence Alison.

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About Us

U.S. Defense Group - Over 150 Years Experience

USDGI provides mission specific equipment, products, resources and training to military, law enforcement, humanitarian groups,  governments, and other organizations globally. 

USDGI - Your Resource Solution

Meeting Military & Law Enforcement Specifications

Providers of all Munitions, Weapons, Optics, Communications,  Body  Armor, Vehicles, Aircraft, Medical Equipment, Facilities, Disaster Relief Products, Food, Water Purification, Clothing and more.

Quick and Responsive

We have resources and partners around the globe.  Contact us today to help you meet your specific  needs, timeline and budget.

Our Specialties

Mission Specific Combat Ready Packages


Whatever your mission we will provide the specific, state of the art, equipment, tools & whatever else may be needed to successfully accomplish your objectives. 

Tactical & Practical Expert Training


In country - our seasoned experts will come to you & the teams you need trained for as long as you need them. Your people will have the skills they need to perform with excellence when we finish.

Narco-Terrorism Interdiction


We offer the most comprehensive Narco-Terrorism Interdiction programs in the world.  Designed by some of the world’s most experienced & successful individuals, our state of the art equipment and training curriculum will help you get the results you need.

The Latest Research Based Learning


Military & Law Enforcement


Leading Edge Equipment & Gear


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